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In New York, We Take Care of Our Own

But funding cuts are hurting our long term care facilities - and state government needs to invest in Medicaid now!

Who We Are

The Coalition for Quality Long-Term Care is advocating for New York seniors and the healthcare workers who care for them. Nursing homes and care facilities have faced unimaginable difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the healthcare workers who care for our seniors deserve better pay and more support.

What We’re Fighting For

Just as we have to rebuild our healthcare system after the pandemic, we also have to reinvest in our healthcare workforce. We are fighting to ensure our long-term care facilities can hire and keep the best possible staff to care for our seniors. Healthcare workers have been heroes during the pandemic who have faced extremely stressful and difficult conditions, all while facing funding cuts from state government. It is critical that Governor Hochul and the state legislature provide funding to properly pay these workers and ensure our seniors have the best possible care now and in the future.

How YOU Can Help

Contact your elected officials and tell them to invest in long term care by supporting a proposal to raise Medicaid rates by 20%. We need your voice to convince legislators to take action!

Learn More

Read about how detrimental the Cuomo Medicaid Cuts have been to New York’s nursing homes.

Take Action

Send an email to your State Senator and State Assemblymember with one click.